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Shelton Public Schools

Four Elements Making Shelton Schools TRULY GREAT:

Safety - Engagement - Connectedness - Support


District Description Shelton Public Schools is a Class III District located in Central Nebraska with a PK-12 student population of approximately 276 students for the 2021-22 school year. Shelton has a certified staff of 30 and a noncertified staff of 21. Shelton has three administrators; a PK-12 principal, an assistant Pk-12 principal, and a superintendent. The Shelton School District is currently implementing student-centered instruction for students K-12, a 1:1 laptop computer initiative for its K-12 grade students, technology infusion in the elementary and middle school grades, and is seeking to provide a rigorous learning opportunity for each student beginning at their current level of performance. Shelton Public School completed a 3.4 million dollar renovation and gymnasium addition in January of 2015.